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Los Angeles Haunted Houses and Halloween Events in 2015

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Halloween 2015 Pre-season Events

Scare L.A.
A Halloween convention that features Halloween vendors, horror exhibits, discussions by experts in the haunt business, horror entertainment and more. You can find sneak peaks from local haunts, horror theatre performances, workshops offered by industry professionals, film screenings, interactive experiences, games, roaming monsters and more haunted experiences!
Location: At the Pasadena Convention Center
Admission: Ticketed
For Kids: All Ages
2015 Dates: August 8 to 9

The Basement - a Live Escape Room Experience
A real and live "Escape Game" where you and up to eleven (11) of your friends will show up, get a safety spiel, and be locked in a room. You then have 45 minutes to find your way out using the hidden clues and items within the space. Various startling events (intense lights, sounds, rabid dogs, etc.) will "distract" you throughout your journey and make the task of escaping slightly more difficult.
Location: Sylmar
Admission: Ticketed
For Kids: 15+
2015 Dates: Ongoing, Wednesdays through Sundays

Alone 2015 - Unweave the Rainbow
ALONE 2015 invites you to take a pulse-pounding solo journey that's one part interactive theater and one part psychological haunting. Set off on a terrifying 30-minute walkthrough experience that you must complete entirely on your own, with no friend to cling to and only a flashlight to keep you from total darkness. Unlike traditional haunted houses, there's no gore, no chainsaws and no pretense that you might be killed by a deranged clown here. It's only you, in the dark, alone.
Location: Downtown L.A.
Admission: Ticketed
For Kids: 18+
2015 Dates: June 25, 26, 27. August through October are TBA

Zombie Photobomb! I was trying to take a picture of the makeup artist and actor near the signs. The zombie approached slowly but my shutter finger seemed frozen. I finally pressed the button down to take the photo, but not fast enough to evade the zombie photobomb!! (Scare LA convention, downtown L.A., August 2014). [Photo Credit: LAtourist] Halloween Scare Actor Resources

Halloween Scare Actor Resources

Audition and Job Opportunity links for Halloween scare actors. Whether you're seeking to enhance your portfolio, or simply want to release your inner ghoul this Halloween, take a look at the offerings to see if there's a job available.

Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Tips and Resources. [Photo Credit:] Halloween Safety Tips and Resources

Halloween is an enjoyable holiday, but broken bones and third degree burns can ruin the fun. Every year, kids and adults are injured on Halloween, and the results can range from unpleasant to absolutely devasting. Follow the link to find safety tips, links to Los Angeles police and fire department pages, where to find Halloween safety handouts and more. Simple awareness of this topic might help us all keep safety on our minds, and hopefully everyone will have a happy Halloween!

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