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Tour guide providers that operate in areas of Los Angeles other than Hollywood Boulevard.

Amazing L.A. Tours near Roosevelt Hotel. [Photo Credit:] Amazing L.A. Tours

Amazing LA Tours
Daily guided van tours
Location: Santa Monica + hotel pickup
Phone: 310-587-2211
CPUC: PSG 0017325




Rasta Bus (operated by A Day in L.A. tours) on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. [Photo Credit:] Rasta Bus (A Day in L.A. tours)

A Day in LA Tours
Tours on the Rasta Bus, and more
Location: Santa Monica + hotel pickup
Phone: 818-538-6287
CPUC: TCP 27663 A

Architecture Tours L.A.
Tours by an architectural historian
Pickup only: L.A. area.
Phone: 323-464-7868
CPUC: PSG 0024735

Cali Fun near Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. [Photo Credit:] Cali Fun near Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

Cali Fun
French-speaking tours.
Location: West Hollywood + Pickup.
Phone: See Website
CPUC: TCP 22051 A


California Tour Lines on Hollywood Boulevard. [Photo Credit:] California Tour Lines on Hollywood Boulevard

California Tour lines
Half-day tour, all-day tour, private charters.
Location: Anaheim.
Phone: 213-249-0625
CPUC: TCP 8879 C


Grayline Tours on Hollywood Boulevard. [Photo Credit:] Grayline Tours on Hollywood Boulevard

(Southern California) Gray Line Tours
Daily guided van and bus tours
Pickup in Anaheim and nearby.
Phone: 714-978-8855
CPUC: PSG 0029151



Esotouric Bus Adventures on the Raymond Chandler Tour. [Photo Credit:] Esotouric Bus Adventures

Esotouric Bus Adventures
Off the beaten path historic bus/walking tours exploring L.A. along offbeat themes, or following the lives of personalities in Los Angeles history.
Phone: Prefers Email
CPUC: PSG 0016627

The Real Los Angeles Tours
This tour company walks the city and rides the Metro to authentically experience L.A. Their tours are designed to enable tourists to immerse themselves in the culture, history and beauty of L.A. Several of them also include opportunities to eat some of our fabulous Southern Californian food. This company also provides a citywide walking/Metro tour, as well as tours for LAX layovers.
Phone: 213-316-8687

L.A. Bikers SoCal Guided Tours
Motorcycle tours that originate in Pasadena and range in length of time from a few hours to a few days. Day-long tours of the city, beaches and local mountains. Motorcycle rentals available.
Phone: 626-864-6941

Guideline Tours near LACMA at Museum Row on the Miracle Mile. [Photo Credit:] Guideline Tours near LACMA in Miracle Mile

Guideline Tours
Daily guided van tours
Pickup only: Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles
Phone: 323-465-3004
CPUC: TCP 7336 S

Legends of Hollywood
Daily guided van tours
Pickup only: Farmers Market/The Grove and Downtown L.A.
Phone: 323-928-2024
CPUC: PSG 0027590

Lala Land Tours on Mulholland Drive. [Photo Credit:] Lala Land Tours on Mulholland Drive

La La Land Tour and Travel
Pickup only: Many hotels throughout L.A. and Anaheim
Phone: 818-679-4850
CPUC: PSG 0028678


Sunseekers Tours on Hollywood Boulevard. [Photo Credit:] Sunseekers Tours on Hollywood Boulevard

Sunseekers Tours
Tours of Los Angeles and Hollywood.
Hotel Pickup: Long Beach area only
Phone: 562-331-1230
CPUC: TCP 19258 S


VIP Tours of California on Hollywood Boulevard. [Photo Credit:] VIP Tours of California on Hollywood Boulevard

VIP Tours of California
Daily guided van tours, luxury vans, private limos. Location: West LA + hotel pickup in L.A. and Anaheim
Phone: 310-641-8114
CPUC: PSG 0029323


CPUC PERMIT STATUS: These tour providers were licensed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) when added to this list. Permit numbers are included for all applicable firms. You can use the CPUC Online Lookup to verify the permit is still either active or pending (also verify that their name is correctly listed). Enter only the numeric part of the CPUC registration, without designation or trailing letters. For example, to look up "TCP# 12345-A" you would enter "12345"



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