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LAX to Sony Studios

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Sony Pictures Plaza at Sony Studios in Culver City. [Photo Credit:] Sony Pictures Plaza at Sony Studios

Sony Studios is one of the world's most famous studio lots, this walking tour gives you a rare glimpse of old Hollywood's glory days and an insider's view of a state-of-the-art motion picture studio. Not only is this the studio where the Yellow Brick Road once wound through Munchkin Land, it is also the place where the agents from "Men In Black" battled aliens from outer space and Spider-Man catapulted from skyscraper to skyscraper. Dynamic tour guides will shed light on the film and television production process by taking you to various soundstages and by sharing tales of days gone by. You may even have the chance to visit the sets of the hit game shows "Jeopardy!" or "Wheel of Fortune."

Regular studio tour times are 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 1:30PM and 2:30PM. Advance reservations for the studio tour are highly recommended, or call in advance to confirm availability. See the Sony Studio Tour web page to find out how to get tickets. Phone: 310-244-8687

Getting there:
From LAX, a bus ride takes 60-90 minutes each way (including transfers). From the terminal at LAX, take Lot C Shuttle to LAX Transit Center. Proceed to Dock #3 and take Santa Monica Bus 3 to Lincoln Bl / Washington Blvd. Get a transfer coupon on bus #3 so you can use it on the next bus. Take Culver City bus #1 to Washington Blvd / Madison Av, then walk to Sony Pictures Plaza. (Use MTA's Trip Planner to find the best route for your departure time.)

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From: LAX
To: Washington Bl/Madison Av

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Time estimate:
The tour takes around two hours, plus travel time. So you will realistically need at least a 5 hour layover for this excursion. Don't forget to allow an additional hour to get through security and walking through the terminal at LAX.

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